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Effects of Deficiency and Excess of Vitamin A

Vitamins are a type of organic compounds which are essential for growth and maintenance of good health. These are required in very small amounts but our body cannot synthesise most of them. Hence intake of vitamins in food is essential. So in this we are going to talk about Effects of Deficiency and Excess of Vitamin A.

Effects of Deficiency and Excess of Vitamin A

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 Deficiency of vitamins leads to many deficiency diseases. Vitamins are regulatory substances and each vitamin has a specific function. These are also known as life saving substances.

Effects of deficieney of vitamin A

(a) Eyes related diseases

The deficieney of vitamin A affects mainly the eyes and leads to many eye diseases

(i) Night blindness

In dim light, Rhodopsin present in eye helps to provide normal vision. Sufficient amount of Rhodopsin is not synthesised in case of deficiency of vitamin A and the person is unable to see in the dim light and darkness. This is known as night blindness

(ii) Conjunctivitis

Lacrymal secretion (tears) is reduced in conjunctivitis and causes eye infections. Eyes become dry, cornea is adversely affected causing blurred vision

(iii) Bitot spot

White or brown scars are formed on the cornea of the eye. Plaque is formed resulting in sticky eyes.

(iv) Keratomalacia

This is the last stage of eye disorder. Tissues in the cornea layer start disintegrating. Cornea is completely surrounded by blood vessels, because carotene and leaves, mint carrot, mang Require of a person. of which eyes appear red and swollen resulting in blindness.

(b) Skin related diseases

In case of the deficiency of vitamin A, sweat glands cannot function properly, Mucous membrane becomes dry causing dry and patchy skin known as toad skin.

(c) Effect on digestive tract

Amount of acid is increased in stomach due to deficiency vitamin A causing indigestion and diarrhoea.

(d) Effect on teeth

Deficiency of vitamin A causes the weakening of the enamel of teeth, swollen gums, decaying and falling of teeth.

(e) Effect on reproduction.

Infertility appears in women due to vitamin A deficiency.  It may also causes premature or still births.

(f) Infectious diseases.

Due to deficiency of vitamin A, secretion of mucous membrane is reduced leading to reduced immunity. The person may suffer from cough, cold, pneumonia, etc.

Effects of excess of vitamin A

These are as follows:

1. Loss of appetite
2. Headache, nausea, laziness
3. Excessive sleep
4. Irritation of skin, dry and stretched skin
5. Pain and swelling at the ends of bones. Bones become fragile
6. Enlargement of liver and spleen

So these are the Effects of Deficiency and Excess of Vitamin A.

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