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Functions and Effects of Fats or Liquid

Fats or Lipids The fat like substances are called fats.These are important part of our diet.Like carbohydrates, they are composed of carbon hydrogen and oxygen, but have more atoms of carbon and hydrogen than oxygen. So in this we are going to talk about Functions and Effects of Fats of Liquids.

Functions and Effects of Fats of Liquids

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Functions of fat

1. To provide energy

Fats are concentrated form of energy. One gram of fat gives nine calories of energy. Fat is stored in body in the form of adipose tissues and gives energy to the body when required.

2. To provide essential fatty acids

Fats provide essential fatty acids to our body which are helpful for the maintenance of healthy skin.

3. To provide fat soluble vitamins

Fat carries fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and K in the body. Fats are required for their absorption, transportation and utilisation.

4. To give protection to sensitive organs of the body

Sensitive organs of the body like heart, kidney, lungs, etc. have layers of fat around them. These protect them from external shocks and act as a cushion.

5. To regulate body temperature

Fatty layers beneath skin being poor conductor of heat helps in maintaining body temperature.

6. To give taste to food.

Fats provide taste, flavour and variety to food. Fried foods are tastier than boiled foods.

7. To provide satiety value

Fats take more time to digest, therefore provide satiety value.

8. Protein sparing action

Requirement of energy is not met by carbohydrates if fats are deficient in food. In such a situation, protein provides energy to the body ignoring its main functions of body building.

9. To act as lubricant

Fats provide lubrication to our skin and to digestive organs like stomach, intestines, etc.

Effects of deficiency of fat

  • Loss of body weight. 
  • Deficiency of fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E & K) in the body.
  • Deficiency of protein if energy is provided by protein in the body.
  • Digestive system is affected leading to constipation. 
  • Body growth is retarded. 
  • Deficiency of essential fatty acids leads to skin diseases like dermatitis, phrynoderma. etc. 
  • Acute deficiency of fat reduces a man to a skeleton only. 

Effects of excess of fat

  • Excessive intake of fats leads to obesity.
  • Possibility of heart related problems like hypertension, heart stroke, diabetes, etc. increases.
  • Excess of fat reduces the secretion of digestive juices which leads to digestive disorders like acidity and gas, etc. 
  • Excessive use of fat leads to acidosis or ketosis.

Recommended dietary allowances.

ICMR suggests fat intake on the basis of energy required . 15-20 % of calories requirement should be obtained from fats only . For this 40-60 gms of fats should be added to the diet each day.

So these are the Functions and Effects of Fats of Liquids.

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