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Meaning, Functions, Effects and Sources of Vitamin E

Vitamins are a type of organic compounds which are essential for growth and maintenance of good health.These are required in very small amounts but our body cannot synthesise most of them.Hence intake of vitamins in food is essential. So in this we are going to talk about Meaning, Functions, Effects and Sources of Vitamin E.

Meaning, Functions, Effects and Sources of Vitamin E

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Meaning of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also called an anti-sterility vitamin. Its chemical name is Tocopherol. Vitamin E is the combination of six types of Tocopherols but from the point of nutrition, only Alpha Tocopherol is important. Vitamin E is a yellow, sticky, oil like substance, non-soluble in water but soluble in fats. It is not destroyed during the cooking of food.

Functions of vitamin E

(a) Antioxidant

Vitamin E stops the proces of oxidation. It itself combines with oxygen and gets destroyed but protects the other substances to get oxidized For exampe:
  • Vitamin E lowers down the oxidation in intestines.
  • It protects the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in the tissues of the body. 
  • It protects the oxidation of vitamin C in the digestive tract 

(b) Helps in reproduction

Vitamin E is helpful in the formation of sex harmone and is important for the foetus development. In femal sex hormone it prevents the possibility of abortion.

(c) It protects the haemolysis of red blood cells.

(d) It is important for the growth of muscles and healthy skin.

(e) It helps in the proper functioning of ductless glands.

(f) It helps in the usage of vitamin D and cholesterol.

Effects of deficiency of Vitamin E

(a) Deficiency of vitamin E causes increase in the number of red blood cells and they also break down easily.

(b) It causes disorders in proper functioning of reproductive organs. Firstly, woman is not able to conceive, but even if she conceives, then the ehild dies in her womb. There is the possibility of repetitive abortions or premature birth.

(c) Muscles get weakened and paralysed due to the excessive oxidation of fats.

(d) Heartbeat gets irregular

Effect of excess of vitamin E

Excess of vitamin E has no harmful effects.

Sources of vitamin E

This vitamin is mostly found in the vegetable oils. Green leafy vegetables, dry fruits, pulses, and wheat are the good sources of vitamin E. Egg, liver, kidney, and milk have some amount of vitamin E.

Daliy requirements

A balanced diet have sufficient amount of Vitamin E. If the intake of unsaturated fatty acids gats increased in the diet then we should also increase the intake of Vitamin E.

So these are the  Meaning, Functions, Effects and Sources of Vitamin E.

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