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Nutrition: Meaning and Types of Nutrition

Nutrition is a scientific study of what happens to food once it enters the mouth and thereafter. Nutrients provide Nutrition to the body as such or after digestion. So basically in this we are going to talk about Meaning and Types of Nutrition.

Meaning and Types of Nutrition

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"Nutrition is that branch of science which deals with the nutritional process in body that includes consumption, digestion, absorption and assimilation of food."
Thus we come to know that nutrition functionally is food at work.

Nutrition then Ingestion then Digestion then Absorption then Utilization and that makes Healthy body.

Nutrition is utilisation of essential nutrients required by the body for different activities.

In other words, food at work is nutrition.

Science of nutrition makes us aware of the types and amounts of nutrients required to keep us healthy.

Types of Nutrition

There are Diferent types of nutrients that are written down below.

1. Good Nutrition

2. Malnutrition

1. Good Nutrition

Good Nutrition is the state in which a person gets all the nutrients in correct amount and proportion and some nutrients are stored in the body after meeting all the body requirements. This is also known as optimum or adequate nutrition which helps to maintain good health.

2. Malnutrition.

Malnutrition means an undesirable kind of nutrition Malnutrition is that state of ill-health which may be caused by the deficiency or excess of one or more essential nutrients in the body.

Malnutrition is bad nutrition. It denies required nutrition to the body leading to bad health. Unhealthy environment also causes malnutrition. A malnourished person physically, mentally, socially and emotionally sick.

There are two types of Malnutrition are fallow:

1. Under nutrition

2. Over nutrition

1. Under nutrition.

Under Nutrition is that state of nutrition in which the quality and quantity of food is not sufficient for the body and is deficient in one or more nutrients.
In such a condition, health of a person deteriorates. He suffers from many diseases specially deficiency diseases. Physical and mental growth is also retarded.

2. Over Nutrition

"Over nutrition is that state of nutrition in which the intake of nutrients is in excess of body needs quanlitatively as well as qualitatively causing adverse effect on the body."
Intake of excessive calories causes obesity whereas more intake of other nutrients lead to toxicity in the body. Both these conditions are harmful to the health of a person.

So these are the Meaning and Types of Nutrition.

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