Wednesday, 28 November 2018

10 Beauty tricks that everyone should know before 20

If there is something that costs us a lot to women is to see us incredible all the time. From the natural beauty that appears when we use a little makeup, the exterior image is the first impression that others receive, therefore, not to mention the moment to conquer a boy.

Today we want to share some simple tricks that will make you look beautiful at all times, captivate whoever sees you and all you have to do is pay attention to the following lines to practice at home. If you want to use them to conquer the boy of your dreams, but if you want to use them just to enhance your natural beauty, it's also worth it, here's what you should know:

1.- Exfoliate your lips

This means that you will remove all dead skin cells from your mouth so that it looks appetizing; Put a little Vaseline on your lips and rub very gently in a circular with a toothbrush, you will see that if you do this, your lips will be very soft and your lip will look divine. Now, ready to conquer!

2.- Varnish without bubbles

Who has not suffered when painting their nails because of the uncomfortable bubbles? So that it does not happen again, place your enamel for 30 minutes inside the refrigerator before painting your nails, in this way you will avoid the formation of those annoying bubbles that completely ruin your perfect masterpiece. Apply this trick and everyone will believe that you went to the room to fix yourself.

3. Goodbye to dark circles

Fun night? Studying for the chemistry exam ruined your skin? It's almost sure that it shows in your eyes Ouch! Do not worry; cut a few slices of potatoes, freeze them and then put them on your dark circles, this will eliminate the swelling and the red color of your eyes in a two by three-way. You will look very fresh!

4.- Wake up with princess' feet

Put a mask or moisturizer on your feet and then put on those socks that are thick to sleep on, the cream will do its job while you rest like a princess. The recommendation is to do this before going to sleep and leave it like this all night so that the next day your feet are super soft

5.- Mascara without lumps

Too many mascara balls on your eyelashes? Soften your mascara by placing it in a cup with warm or hot water, this will make the product inside melt and move more easily by your lashes so they will look super long and separate. Another option is to keep it in your chest while you put on your makeup to give it warmth and to work properly. Great!

6.- Perfect eyelashes with a spoon

Place a spoon between your eyelashes and your skin, now apply as much mascara as you want, you will see that your eyes will not stain a tanto, in addition, your eyelashes will look super long and leafy What envy!

7.- Paint your cheeks with lipstick

In those cases where you have finished your favorite plates, the lipstick will be your best friend, just blot it on your cheek and go.

8.- Thick Lips

Create this illusion by painting the center of your lips with a clear pencil, then place over the lipstick of your choice, you will look better than Angelina Jolie.

9.- Matte nail painting

Transform that tone into a matte (without shine) adding a bit of cornstarch. Remember that once you do, your varnish will be permanently matte, so the idea is to stir the starch with clear varnish and then apply a layer on the varnish that you have put on your nails since it has dried well.

10.- Reduce the frizz of your hair

Instead of drying it with a towel when leaving the shower, wear a shirt, absorb moisture better and your hair will be dry in less time without those annoying hair.

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