Acupressure Treat Thyroid

Acupressure Treat Thyroid

Acupressure therapy plays an important role in the treatment of thyroid in which symptoms are not initially visible. Thyroid disorder is a common disorder of thyroid gland. Thyroid hormone affects the body’s metabolism and almost every organ system regulated. It explains how the organs work faster or slower. Thyroid hormone regulates the body’s oxygen consumption and the production of heat. Thyroid problems such as overactive and underactive thyroid seriously affect metabolism. By affecting the metabolism of thyroid gland, you feel more exhausted and the weight begins to grow. Also, other problems start to happen as well. In recent scientific studies, thyroid disorders such as hypothyroidism have been linked to weight gain. Thyroid hormone is a significant endocrine hormone necessary for many physical functions. It is responsible for the increasing rate of metabolic activity and the synthesis of some enzymes. Hypothyroidism can be naturally cured by yoga, naturopathy, or acupressure, but it is very necessary to first confirm it .

What is acupressure

Acupressure therapy has been for more than 5000 years now. This practice is based on the energy principle which describes 14 various energy routes called the Chi-Marg Marg. These routes have proven to affect various body parts and actions, which can affect your overall health. Acupressure is born in Europe and is associated with Asian culture. Various theories related to acupressure have been documented which have been helpful in the study and relief of various medical problems. Thus, he has widened the spectrum of the field of medicines. Studies have shown that acupressure exercises have proved useful in the treatment of many different diseases. With this therapy, anyone can quickly cure thyroid diseases effectively.

How does acupressure work

Acupressure works with the use of fingers, elbows, palms and feet. Some special tools are also used for the use of pressure on different points of energy in the human body. This therapy may include stretching along with light massage and other similar steps. Acupressure therapy sessions are usually one hour. However, to achieve measurable results with any medical problem; You may have to go through many acupressure sessions.

Acupressure point for thyroid treatment

Acupressure points used to reduce thyroid problems are the position between your eyes, which stimulate pituitary fusion.
According to Acupressure Therapy, the reflection point of thyroid and parathyroid is located in the elevated portion of the thumb of both hands and feet. At the center of thyroid, at the centers of shortage, give the right pressure from left to the needle in the direction of the clock, and in case of overflow, the pressure should be left to the right (in the reverse direction of the needle). At the same time, the pituitary gland should also be pressure on the reflection point.
Every point should be pressed twice a day for one to three minutes. At the center of the pituitary gland, pressure should be given to the pumping matted (press for two-three seconds like a pump, then leave loose for a couple of seconds).
By learning to stimulate your own pressure points, you can get relief from small symptoms and reduce the need for non-prescription medicines. Without most medicines, it usually gets immediate relief.

Acupressure for Thyroid Treatment

Thyroid hormones play a key role in correcting metabolic rate. It does not work properly due to weight gain, fatigue, chills in hands and feet, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, anxiety, constipation, depression and hair loss. Also softness or pain indicates thyroid problem. But do not panic because it can be treated with acupressure therapy. The method of treating various diseases, by pressing on the important points of the body of various parts of the body, especially the soles of the feet, is called acupressure therapy. It is a simple, harmless, costless, extremely effective, and useful therapy to treat without medication. One of the major benefits of acupressure is that the disease is treated both in the same way.

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