Asthma is wonderful for the patient Fish Oil

Asthma is wonderful for the patient Fish Oil

Asthma is a serious disease in the lungs, which inhibit the respiratory tract. This means that the disease blocks the wind path from the lungs. This causes swelling in the respiratory tract and it narrows the path of the respiratory tract. It does not pass the air properly through narrowed paths and difficulty in breathing. When there is an asthma problem, there are problems related to wheezing, fatigue, sore throat, common cold, chest tightness, trouble during cough, during breathing. But now you do not need to worry because according to a new research, if you include fish oil in your diet, then problems arising from asthma can be greatly reduced. I.e. treatment of asthma with fish oil is possible.

Investigators collected blood from 17 patients at Mary Park Asthma Center in Ur Medicine, and separated their B immune cells to investigate the effect of pure Omega-3-derived products on IGE antibodies. IGE is the cause of asthma symptoms and allergic reactions in the brain with light forms of asthma. Then the results were compared with the donors of healthy blood cells.

According to the study, most participants were taking corticosteroids in an inhaler or pill form on the basis of severity of asthma. The results show that all participants responded with omega-3 fatty acids to some degree with decrease in IEG production. However, in severe asthma patients who used high doses of oral steroids, omega-3 fatty acids were found to be less effective due to corticosteroids, which block the beneficial effects of acid.

Fish oil for asthma

Omega 3 fatty acids present in fish oil are very beneficial for patients with asthma. According to the researches conducted by researchers from Rochester University of New York, other products rich in fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids can prevent the origin of antibodies. These antibodies are the cause of allergic and asthma. Researcher P. Phillips said that there are other benefits to health from omega-3 fatty acids. It can put a bad effect on the immune system to curb inflammation.

Although patients who suffer from asthma with severe amounts of steroids, omega 3 fatty acids are not effective because corticosteroid reduces its beneficial effects. Apart from this, earlier studies have also found that fish oil contains certain fatty acids which regulate the function of ‘B cells’.

According to the study

In a new study published in the JCI Insight magazine, the team took blood samples of 17 patients and separated their B-Immune cells in the laboratory and found that IGE and other particles that are responsible for this disease have pure omega 3 fatty acids What is the effect of? Rachel P. Fipps, professor and chief author of Rochester University, said that the results showed that all showed a reaction to Omega 3 to some extent, which resulted in a decrease in IEG levels.

But patients who consumed steroid were less sensitive to this omega-3 treatment. According to the researchers’ warning customers should be careful while buying fish oil because all the fish oils are not the same.

Alternative medicine for asthma


The complexity of asthma can be reduced through Yoga. There are also certain types of yoga for patients with asthma that make patients very comfortable. Anesthesia is a good exercise of asthma patients and they also benefit from it. Apart from this, breathing can be controlled even by breathing exercises.

herbal medicines

Plants and products made from herbal remedies for asthma are used. Plants and products made of them have a specific history that helps in the treatment of asthma physiology and the treatment of bronchodilation. Many medicines offered in asthma are made from the plant right now. This technique involves involuntary physiological reactions in asthma patients. This gives great benefit to asthma in children and young people.

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