Brain stroke causes high blood pressure, such as avoidance

Brain stroke causes high blood pressure, such as avoidance

Generally, people take lightening headaches very lightly. They think that it will be fine on its own. Most people may have passed through such experiences, but sometimes the cause of headache can be due to your high blood pressure (high blood pressure). This may increase the risk of stroke or brain attack. It may be that many years ago your blood pressure has been irregular and now it has appeared as a symptom of headache. Not only this, if a person is suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol, then the risk of stroke is increased much more.

What is the stroke

Strokes occur when the brain is leaking, exploding, or arterial blocking with blood clotting. Within an hour, the nerve cells in that area of ​​the brain are damaged and die. As a result, the body part controlled by the damaged area of ​​the brain can not work properly. The reason for high blood pressure reading and stroke risk is very closely linked. Over time, hypertension leads to hardiness of atherosclerosis and arteries, which can inhibit small blood vessels in the brain. It can weaken the blood vessels of the brain, which can cause them to be balloons and bursts.

Quitting smoking Compared to non-smokers, smokers have doubled risk of ischemic stroke on average. And in a study in the August issue of the Stroke Journal, dose-response was received in women’s subjects, which means that a woman is smoking cigarettes per day, the more she is in the obstacles to being suffering from stroke. Increases the risk of two pack strokes per day to nine times the non-smokers. The same study found that when people quit smoking, their risk of stroke becomes normal within two years.

Reason for stroke

When the supply of blood reaching your brain is disrupted or any blood vessel of the brain is blocked, then the fears of the stroke are increased. Through the blood, the brain supplies essential nutrients and oxygen, which makes our brain work smoothly, but due to high blood pressure, due to the supply of blood in some places, the cells are damaged and the same condition becomes stroke Also the reason is made.

High blood pressure is considered to be the only major risk factor for stroke and due to the ischemic stroke, about 50 percent cases of stroke appear. It also increases the risk of bleeding in the brain, which is called hemorrhagic stroke (brain haemorrhage). However, high blood pressure can increase the risk of damage to heart attacks and other organs.

The effect of hypertension affects all the blood vessels on the body including the brain. This is the reason why your heart needs to work hard to maintain blood circulation during this time. In this stressful condition of the blood cells some cells become damaged and become narrow and narrow. Such condition is called atherosclerosis. This increases the possibility of blockage and then it may also be TIA (also called mini-stroke) in the stroke or transient ischemic attack.

Dangerous situation

There is a deep connection between hypertension and stroke. The higher the person’s blood pressure, the higher the risk of stroke it may be. Due to hypertension the swelling of the patient’s blood vessels may be called aneurysm. This increases the risk of brain hemorrhage due to this.

Major symptoms of stroke

Feeling weakness in one hand side and leg apart from headache.
Feeling difficult to speak or see.
Unable to set balance in walking.

How to defend

If people with high blood pressure (high blood pressure) keep their blood pressure controlled by making positive changes in medicines and lifestyle, they can avoid the risk of brain stroke (stroke or brain attack).

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