Diabetes patients should be careful in the weather in the rain these 5 things

Diabetes patients should be careful in the weather in the rain these 5 things

Disease increases the risk for patients with diabetes as the weather changes. In the rainy season, patients with diabetes have to face many kinds of problems. In the last few years, the number of diabetic patients has increased rapidly. The reason for this is people’s eating habits and their lifestyle. India has the highest number of diabetes patients in the world and about 5% of India’s population is in the grip of diabetes. Diseases in the rainy season increase the risk for patients, so in this season they need to pay more attention to their health. Let us tell you what the patients of diabetes should take into account in the monsoon season.

Eyes are at risk

Patients with diabetes are at risk of eye diseases as blood sugar increases due to diabetic retinopathy. This hazard rises more and more in the rainy season, because in this season, the harmful bacteria and infections of the germs are very dominant. So avoid bathing with rain water this season. If you leave the house, wear sun glasses and dry the clothes in the sun.

Risk of infection

The risk of infection is highest in the rainy season, therefore patients of diabetes should not eat outside food or things found in the open. Infections of food in the rain increases the risk of diarrhea, cholera and food poisoning.
It’s better for you in this season that you eat your home and eat well cooked food. Avoid eating stale food. If possible, do not eat cooked food for more than 6 hours.

Do not leave feet wet

Patients with diabetes should take special care of their feet. Your feet often get wet during the rainy season. In this case, wherever you go, keep a cloth and an extras in your bag, so that you can wipe the feet when the feet become wet and change the stock when the stock is damp. When you wear stocking before leaving the house, sprinkle little talc powder in the soles. This will reduce the effect of sweating and moisture.

Set dinner time

Avoiding rain or any weather diabetes patients is very important. So, set aside time for your dinner. Check your blood sugar several times a day and take all the necessary precautions in the diet.

Excessive consumption of liquids

Sausage increases in the rainy season, so sweat also gets plenty and the body needs more water. Therefore, patients of diabetes should consume more fluids in the rainy season such as vegetable juice, coconut water, ginger tea etc. Apart from this, you should drink plenty of water. If there is moisture in the weather after the rain, then drink hot liquids such as vegetable soup, tomato soup etc.

Essential health tips to keep you safe from weather

1. Follow a healthy diet

This is the season where the body and especially the digestive tract suffer from most infections.
In rainy season the disease is mostly born of water, so make sure you drink only or drink boiled water.
Maintaining a healthy diet in the rainy season is also important, which means that your favorite lick, juice, spherical, calf and other street food are out of the menu.
Preferably avoid raw vegetables and salads unless they are consumed at home where you can wash them well and clean them.

2. Drink plenty of water, regardless of your activity level

Do not compensate for your liquid intake with carbonated, caffeinated, and alcoholic beverages and drinks because they contain preservatives and sugars as diuretics.
Herbal tea with antibacterial properties is a good idea.

3. Avoid walking in the rain

The more attractive you are, by walking in the rain water, you get affected by many viral diseases like leptospirosis and can produce many fungal infections on the feet and nails.
Also, if your feet become wet, then dry them immediately and do not stay in wet socks or shoes.
Diabetes should be especially taken care of and avoid walking barefoot because the ground is surrounded by all types of microbes.
If your clothes become wet, then sit in the same environment or replace them immediately.
Keeping an extra pair of clothes and shoes in the office is a good idea.

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