Due to these bad habits, your risk of kidney cancer increases

Due to these bad habits, your risk of kidney cancer increases


Cancer is a deadly and dangerous disease and has many forms. Most cancer treatments have been found in today’s time, but the cost of it and the difficulties it may cause are very high, so this is necessary to protect. Incorrect lifestyle and diet affect your kidney very badly, due to which the kidney does not filter properly. When the blood is not properly filtered, then the waste products and toxic elements present in the blood harm the kidneys and other organs.
Kidney or kidneys are two bean shaped organ at both ends of the spinal cord. A large part of the body’s blood passes through the kidneys. Millions of nephron tubes present in the kidneys filter blood by purifying them. Some of your everyday habits cause kidney cancer. So immediately change these habits so that they can avoid this serious disease.

Genetic and hereditary risk factors

Some people have the heir to the tendency to develop some types of cancer. There may be changes in DNA in each cell from your parents that give you this tendency. Some rare heritage conditions can cause kidney cancer. It is important that people of RCC’s frequent causes see their doctors, especially if they have been diagnosed with RCC. Some doctors recommend routine imaging tests (such as CT scan) for these new kidney tumors.

In situations listed here there is a lot of risk for kidney cancer, although they eat altogether only for a small portion of the cases.

Family kidney cancer

People with this condition develop tumors called paragangloomas of the head and neck area, as well as tumor adrenal glands and phechromocytomas of thyroid cancer. They get kidney cancer in both kidneys before 40 years. This GDS is due to flaws in SDHB and SDHD.

Do not control obesity

According to Pan India report, obesity has been found in India in more than 50 percent of cases of kidney diseases. Many people are not fat with their body but their stomach is exhausted. Due to obesity, the risk of kidney cancer increases approximately 70 percent. The biggest cause of chronic kidney disease is that of stomach obesity. In fact, symptoms of kidney disease arises when the kidneys are 60 to 65 percent of the damaged. Therefore it is also called silent killer.

Alcohol intake

People suffering from alcohol can have kidney cancer problems. Alcohol addiction has adverse effect on kidney health, resulting in symptoms of kidney cancer. People who drink no alcohol are less likely to have kidney cancer than those who drink alcohol.

Smoking addiction

If you smoke, the risk of kidney cancer increases. On average, 50 percent of the smokers have a risk of developing kidney cancer. But if your smoking addiction is increasing, then this percentage may increase. Those who smoke 20 cigarettes throughout the day, kidney cancer is twice as likely to smokers.


Diabetes is also a major cause of kidney failure. 30 to 40 percent of diabetics have bad kidney stones. 50% of these patients are those who have been diagnosed with a long illness and then have to get transplanted dialysis or kidney. Chronic Kidney Disease can not be completely cured by any treatment. Treatment of kidney diseases in the last stage is possible only with dialysis or kidney transplantation.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure can also cause kidney problems because the kidney exits the contaminated substances from our body. Due to high blood pressure, the blood vessels of the kidney are narrower or thicker. For this reason, kidney does not work properly and the contaminated substances in the blood begin to accumulate and symptoms of kidney cancer appear.

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