how to lose weight

how to lose weight


How to reduce weight Slim and fit are important not only for good looks, but also for your overall health. To achieve this goal, you first need to determine your ideal body weight based on your gender, age, height, body frame and body type. There are several sources to calculate it. “How to lose weight” Did you know that excess fat in the body can increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and many other complications? In fact, a study published in Lancet’s 2010 issue added extra body weight to 15 different types of cancers, including gall bladder cancer. how to lose weight

1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Studies have shown that those who leave breakfast and eat less time in the day are heavier than those with healthy breakfast and eat 4 or 5 times a day. Scientists also believe that a high protein breakfast can be the key to slimming, it feels full to you, and thus improves hunger control. In addition, it has been found to reduce evening snacking on high sugar and high fat foods. How To Lose Weight With PCOS

2. Do not say for fruit juice

The main nutrition in one fruit is in its fiber. The juice is a fruit or vegetable without fiber. After processing they are high in sugar, which can reject your weight loss process. The healthy option will consume the whole fruit instead. “How to lose weight with PCOS”

3. Laugh every day

Tension takes a big toll on your health, waist and immunity. And, as the reader digest has said for almost a century: Laughter is the best medicine. But did you know that laughter really burns calories? A novel study was started in Great Britain by the comedy Channel Go LD (Go on Law Hall). Researchers under the leadership of Helen Pichter, PhD in the East of London’s Psychotherapy Institute looked at the number of calories burned with laughing and compared it to burning calories of other daily activities (strength training, running, even vacuum) saw. “reduce weight”

4. Eat at home

With an opening of new restaurants every day in urban Indian, a person is eating an average of 4 meals a week out of his home. For some really busy professionals, this number is high on average as a meal in one day. Though restaurants are offering more nutritious food options these days, the choices are often limited. Most food items served in the restaurant contain high amounts of fat and calories, and if they consume on a regular basis they can be harmful to your health. In addition to fully controlling what happens in preparing your own food in a restaurant. If you eat at home, you have more control over the way it is prepared on the food. Diet at home is one of the best ways to promote healthy lifestyle and lose weight. Try to limit your food items per week and feel the difference. “reduce weight”

5. Eat small meals

Eat 5 to 6 small meals instead of three large meals. While trying to lose weight, people often find it difficult to eat six small meals, but this is a secret to reaching your fitness goals. By eating small food, due to the thermal effects of food, a new spin cycle starts, which leads to rapid metabolism. The lean protein causes the thermal effect of 30%, whereas 20% of the vegetables have a thermal effect. The lowest thermal effect of fat and carbohydrate is 3%. Thus, eating 5 to 6 meals more in fiber increases the body’s natural rate of calorie burning process. Often the food prevents irregular Binging and longing. to lose weight

6. See Portion Size

Slim women know that keeping the body in check is important for maintaining a healthy body. Keep the service of non-fruits and vegetables, including carbos and proteins, about the size of your fist. It’s a simple eye test, and it definitely gives you some space to deceive you if you are so interested (“Ok, tonight, I’m going to use the fist of Szcchatch as my guide. “), This issue is that it teaches you to develop an instinct-and persistent behavior for healthy eating. Lose weight

7. Sowing is going on

Yes, you read it right: run. By walking, you can burn calories, reduce stress and suppress hunger hormones. If you are used to walk then add a little jogging to the interval. Walking / jogging helps you burn more calories and tone faster than walking at the same time! But it does not end here. Research confirms that exercises like “After Burning”, exercise means that by the time you stop running, two calories burn. “reduce weight”

8. Weight Training

Weight loss is one of the most recommended exercises for losing fat. The muscle is the only tissue in the body that calories burn even when relaxing. Train heavy weight training to build arms, legs, torso and hips. To carry weight at home, pick two utensils filled with stones. Do these exercises twice a week. This will increase your growth hormone, which will speed up weight loss. How can i lose weight

9. Taste with magical herbs

Although there are no doritos-flavored stir fries, this does not mean that all your meals have to taste like a desk calendar. In fact, this is quite the opposite. To keep the success of diet, the taste is so important that herbs are one of the main food groups of this diet. By experimenting with different herbs and spices, you will find some combinations that taste the extinction but are not nutritiously destructive. While some spices have the benefit of some weight loss, we are not saying that one spoon of spices is the secret of losing weight. Instead, adding these ingredients to your diet ensures that they are satisfied with your appetite because they are from your hunger. “How Can I Reduce Weight”

10. relax

Finally, you need to relax your muscles to repair and recover. With training you can be dull or frustrated, so take the time to relax. Instead of compelling yourself to do exercises every day, practice them lightly. “how to lose weight”


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