How to treat asthma

How to treat asthma

If you have an old asthma then you should work on your asthma management plan written with your doctor. This plan will protect against asthma triggers when and how to take regular medicines, how to deal with the intense attacks of asthma and how to use peak-flow-reading. It is also important that asthma is prescribed as prescribed medicines, even if there is no symptoms.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Anti-inflammatory medicines are taken regularly to prevent asthma attacks, these medicines reduce inflammation, and mucus is less likely to be reduced, and the airway is less soaked in muscles. Those people who have symptoms of asthma attack twice a week should take anti-inflammatory medication. First choice should be corticosterone, which can prevent light or serious attacks; chromoline sodium and nedocromil may also be taken from breath by having asthma triggers. You can also use before, such as animals before contacting or before exercise. Lactrine modifiers oral medicines are also helping to reduce inflammation. Leukocyte closes these medicines which is one of the many chemicals that cause swelling and airway narrowing.

Doctors also give oral corticosteroids such as prednisone, corticosteroid is taken with a diet for one or two weeks after the onset of asthma. Second medication can also be taken with corticosteroids with breath. People need an emergency supervision department to get corticosteroid easily.

Omalibzamb (Xolar) prevents inflammation. Antibody plays a major role in allergic reactions and it helps to control the symptoms of people with severe allergens, which do not have any other therapeutic effect and they require frequent oral corticosteroids. This medicine is given by the needle once in 4 weeks in the skin. Omylibzb’s response can be life-threatening, called anaphylaxis, so the needle should be given in the doctor’s office.


Bronchodilator relaxes the muscles around the airway, improves the effect of air, is usually taken by breathing. A type of bronchodilator is called son-agonist, it prevents the tour in the form of rescue medication in light and occasional symptoms. It can be inhaled by the respirator or can be taken with the nebulizer. It is sold in the name of different names and brands and it is used to control asthma. It is not beneficial in the attack of asthma because it takes a long time to start the work. Salimarole should be used only in combination with one breath corticosteroid or other anti-inflammatory medication.

Some asthma patients benefit from iMimony therapy. In order to make the person’s immune system insensitive, increasing the amount of allergy is enlarged. It is a moderate symptom and it is quite effective. It softens those symptoms which are inherent in allergy sensitivity such as dust mites, molds and animals.

If the condition is serious then the treatment of asthma should be in the hospital, where oxygen can be administered and medicines can be given by the nadis or with the nebulizer.
In case of life threats, the patient needs breathing pipe, which is kept in a large part of its airway and placed on an artificial ventilation in an intensive care unit.

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