Keep your diets and exercise for weight loss in diabetes

Keep your diets and exercise for weight loss in diabetes

Obesity can be harmful to everyone. . But it is also necessary to avoid obesity for a diabetic patient, the biggest concern of the diabetic sufferers remains how to reduce weight. It is usually easier to reduce fatigue and exercise than obesity. Everyone’s stature, weight, size, etc. are different, therefore, diabetics should change their diet according to their weight and obesity. Let’s know how to survive diabetes with obesity.

Early symptoms of diabetes

Feeling excessive, excess urine, excessive appetite, infections in the genitalia, filling of wounds in any part of the body is the starting symptom. This disease is also genetic. There are two types of diabetes: type one type two Type one children can also be. So far only insulin is available for treatment of type one. Although treatment of diabetes can be done not only by medicines, but also by exercising, following proper diet rules.

If I have diabetes then when should I eat

Some people with diabetes need to eat at the same time every day. Others may be more flexible with their meal time. Depending on your diabetes medicines or the type of insulin, you may need to eat carbohydrate in the same amount at the same time each day. If you take “food” insulin, then your eating program may be more flexible.

If you use some diabetes medicines or insulin and you leave food or delay, then your blood glucose level may be very low. Ask your health care team when you need food and should eat before and after physical activity.

If I have diabetes then how much can I eat

By eating the right amount of food, you will also be able to manage your blood glucose level and weight. Your health care team can help you learn how much food you eat and how many calories you eat every day.

Weight loss plan

If you are overweight or obese, then work with your health care team to plan for weight loss.

Body weight planers can help you prepare your calories and physical activity plans to reach and maintain your target weight.

To lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories and replace less healthy foods with less food in calories, fat and sugar.

If you have diabetes, are overweight or obese, and are planning to have children, then you should try to lose any additional weight before getting pregnant. If you have diabetes, learn more about planning for pregnancy.

Methods of Meal Planning

If you have diabetes, two common ways to help plan food planning are plate method and carbohydrate count, also called carb count. Check with your health care team about this method that is best for you.

avoid stress

The role of stress in diabetes is very important. Try to avoid stress. Try to resolve stress due to stress, yoga, pranayama, meditation and morning walk in the morning helps to control stress.

Weight Control Tips

  • It is important to walk at least 40-45 minutes for weight loss.
  • Instead of eating a lot of food at one time, you should eat slowly and slightly.
  • It is important to avoid good, sugar, honey, desserts, nuts etc.
  • Surely eat an hour before eating and sleeping at night and take a walk after dinner.
  • Include fibrous substances in the food. This increases the level of glucose in the blood gradually and the amount of blood glucose is controlled.
  • Diabetic patients are advised to reduce calorie intake to reduce obesity, but this does not mean that the amount of calories should be reduced immediately.
  • In such a way, gradually reducing the intake of calories and nutrients is better.
  • It is necessary for both diabetics to exercise and dietary changes.
  • Diabetes sufferers must exercise and take doctor’s advice before exercising.
  • For weight loss, you can also make your diet table with a dietician or doctor.

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