Know why the problem of thyroid and its treatment

Know why the problem of thyroid and its treatment

The problem of thyroid is increasing rapidly among people. Its biggest reason is irregularity in catering. Thyroid gland is made in two parts on both sides of the respiratory tube and the vocal cord in the throat. It is of the size of the butterfly. This gland creates hormones called thyiracin, which creates protein in the body and is energy-management. If the thyroid gland does not work properly, then many problems arise because it creates such genes, due to which cells can do their work properly. Thyroid is considered silent killer because its symptoms are not understood in the early stages. People tend to ignore a little pain or a small lump in the neck, but it takes a dangerous form when the disease is detected. Thyroid begins with a disorder in the immune system.

Symptoms of thyroid

Often the hands and feet become cold
Pain in muscles and joints
Hair fall and frowns
Over stress
Skin drying
Tired of work early
The cold is not well
For hereditary reasons

Why does thyroid

Due to the lack of iodine in food or too much use, thyroid becomes.
The effect of excess stress is on our thyroid glands, hence stress is also a cause of the problem of thyroid.
Even if there is already a thyroid in the family, then the probability of it increases.
There are many types of hormonal changes after the onset of periods in women. Many times thyroid problem is due to the same hormonal change.
During pregnancy, there are many major changes in the woman’s body, and many women are more stressed in such conditions, due to which the thyroid becomes many times.
Many times the adverse effects of drugs also cause thyroid problems.
Many times the use of soybean products also leads to thyroid.

Eating nut and almonds in thyroid is very beneficial. Selenium is found in walnuts and almonds. One gram nut contains 5 micrograms of selenium. Selenium is able to eliminate the problem of thyroid because it controls the activity of the thyroid gland. Eating both nut and almond reduces swelling in the throat.

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