Men make these 5 work, hair fall off in a week

Men make these 5 work, hair fall off in a week

Hair loss nowadays has become a common problem. Due to increasing pollution and unhealthy eating habits, hair does not get proper nutrition due to which hair becomes weak from the roots. This causes hair loss. It was commonly believed that the problem of hair fall started after the middle age, but nowadays, these problems are increasing in small children too. If men want to get rid of this problem then they need to take care of hair. We are telling you through this article how to care for your hair.

Avoid Hair Products with Chemical

Hair products present in the market can sometimes be harmful to your hair. If you use it more and more, it weakens and breaks the hair. So take care before using hair gel, hair wax, hair spray and other hair products on your hair. When it comes to styling your hair, use the minimum amount of these products.

Hair care from chlorine

Chlorine can damage your hair, so wash hair with clean water to protect the hair from harmful effects of chlorine and use swimm cap or light conditioner before going to the swimming pool.

Do not shampoo everyday

If men want to take care of their hair, pay attention to the fact that do not wash hair much. This is a common mistake everyone does. The correct way to wash hair is to wash hair with shampoo two to three times a week. This method will keep hair health better. Many times it has been seen that men wash and rub the hair to remove dirt from the hair. This method of washing hair is very wrong. You should wash the hair gradually. Otherwise your hair will become weak and start falling.

Use the egg conditioner

Egg conditioner is very useful for better hair health. Proteins and minerals are found in the egg, which is the best nutrient element for your hair. By laying eggs in hair, hair is silky, strong and soft. Men should trim hair regularly for hair care. This will keep hair clean and properly managed. Try to have a hair cut once a month.

No use of hair dryer

Nowadays men use more of hair dryer for their hair. It sets the hair properly but hair dryer can also damage the hair. This starts to weaken the hair, so let the hair dry naturally.

Extreme tension

According to dermatologist Mark Glashopher, facing a highly stressful event such as bodily injury or serious anxiety, the hair cycle can be a cause of shock, which can lead to hair shaving and shading. In addition, there are fewer hair follicles available for growing new hair during the growing phase. It can trigger telogen illuminatium, a type of hair fall that usually sees a 70% shed of scalp hair in a handful. It becomes noticeable two to six months after the shock.

Fortunately, after the stress is over, the body returns to normal, which will kickstart your hair growth cycle. It is important to nourish your physical and mental health so that your hair cycle remains unfulfilled. Learning to take part in regular practice programs or relaxation techniques like meditation can take some steps to keep your mind afloat.


If hair fall in the family, chances are you may be too prone to it.

Androgenic alopecia, or female-pattern hair fall (FPHL), is thin on all areas of the skull including the width of your division. This reduces hair loss or reduces the amount of hair loss in hair loss. This is the most common form of hair fall, affecting 40% of women at the age of 50.

The American Academy of Dermatology says that FPHL is hereditary, which means that you are the successor of Jean to both parents or both. However, there are many genes that contribute to the FPHL genes, which have not yet been established in the form of factors. Factors tied to hormones also play a major role, so there may be FPHL after menopause or pregnancy.

Minoxidil is the preferred drug to use for the treatment of FPHL, because you can easily apply it on your dry skull.

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