Mobile use in toilets, dangerous for health

Mobile use in toilets, dangerous for health

Mobile use in toilets, dangerous for health
Mobile use in toilets, dangerous for health

These days, the need of mobile people has become such that people can not live without even a minute for their smartphones. Not only this, there are many people who carry their phones along the toilets. Even if they do not talk on the phone while sitting in the toilet but texting, messaging, chatting do definitely. Mobile is not just our contact diary and photo album but now our newspaper has also become. There was a time when people used to go to toilet with newspapers and magazines but now they take the smartphone. But do you know how dangerous your habit is.

Do not take anything with you-

So go back to the old fashioned methods and use newspapers and magazines instead of carrying mobile phones in toilets. That’s because we do not reuse newspapers and magazines and throw them in a trash after a day. Or the best way is to go empty in the toilet. Do not take anything with you. It is also necessary to keep your mind empty for a few minutes.

Then no use for hand washing-

When you carry mobile phones in toilets, many types of jerms and bacteria stick to your phone. You wash your hands before leaving the toilet, but since you can not wash the mobile. In such a situation, when you touch the mobile again, the bacteria that stick to the phone again stick to your hands, which will not be of any use to wash your hands and you come in contact with the Jermes once again.

Bacteria get chance to flourish-

The risk of bacterial growth in mobile phones is high because often our mobile phone gets heated after use so that the bacteria get a better warm environment for survival and development. We also use this mobile phone when we eat food. During this time, oil in our hands is also used in mobile. This oil also helps in growing bacteria.

The situation in the public toilets is more serious-

The situation is more serious in public toilets. When you use the public toilets of your office, a hotel or a restaurant, your mobile phone also comes in contact with many types of dangerous bacteria.


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