What is asthma? Learn Reason, Symptoms and Treatment

What is asthma? Learn Reason, Symptoms and Treatment

Asthma (asthma) is a lung disease which causes difficulty in breathing. On asthma, swelling in the airways gets swollen due to which the respiratory tract shrinks. Due to contraction in the respiratory tract, the patient has problems in breathing, breathing while breathing, stiffness in the chest, cough etc.. Symptoms of asthma are two types of asthma – external and internal asthma. External Asthma is an immune response to external allergens, which is caused by external allergic things such as pollen, animals, dust. Internal Asthma Some chemical elements are caused by entering the body through respiration such as cigarette smoke, paint walls, etc. Today on World Asthma Day, we will tell you about asthma related problems and treatment in this article.

Types of Asthma and Reasons

Allergic asthma: During allergic asthma, you are allergic to something like, when you come in contact with dust and dust, you become asthma or you become asthma with weather changes.

Non-Allergic Asthma: The reason for such asthma is due to excessive of any one thing. When you are in a lot of stress or you are laughing very fast, you are feeling very cold or very coughing.

Mix Asthma: This type of asthma can be due to any reason. Many times these asthma is due to allergic reactions, so many times for non-allergic reasons. Not only this, it is also difficult to detect the causes of this type of asthma.

Exercise induce asthma: Many people get asthma due to exercise or more physical activity, so many people become asthma when many people start working on their own potential.

Cuff variant asthma: Sometimes the cause of asthma is cough. When you are constantly complaining about cough or getting more cough during cough, you get asthma attack.

Occupational asthma: These asthma attacks occur during sudden work. If you do the same type of work continuously on a regular basis, you often start getting asthma attacks during this or you do not suit your workplace environment, so you become a victim of asthma.

Noktarnal ie nighttime asthma: It is a type of asthma that happens at night only, that is, when you start getting asthma attack during the night, you should understand that you are a victim of a nuclear asthma.

Mimic asthma: When you have a health related illness such as pneumonia, cardiac diseases, you may have a mimic asthma. Usually, mimic asthma happens when the condition is worse.

Child Onset Asthma: This is the type of asthma that only happens to children. As asthmatics gets older, the child starts coming out of this type of asthma on its own. It is not very risky but treatment is necessary at the right time.

Adult Onset Asthma: These asthma happen to young people. That is, it is only after 20 years of age that asthma occurs. There are many allergic reasons behind this type of asthma. However, this is mainly due to pollution, plastic, more dust, soil and living with animals.

Major causes of asthma

In today’s world, the biggest cause of asthma is pollution. Tomorrow, factories, vehicles coming from vehicles are causing asthma. Due to changes in winter, flu, smoking and weather, people are also suffering from asthma. There are foods containing allergens that cause respiratory diseases. Asthma can also cause asthma in the abdomen. Apart from this, medicines, alcohol consumption and emotional stress at times cause asthma. Extreme exercise can also cause asthma. In some people this problem is genetic.

Testing for asthma treatment

Typically, a specialist doctor only detects Asthma with symptoms. But sometimes some symptoms mislead, due to which doctors also use technology to check asthma, through which the entire information is received about the disease, depending on which treatment the patient is treated to a fairly well can be done. Asthma is especially tested for lungs, under which testing of work of spirometry, peak flow and lungs is included. These checks are done in different situations. Apart from this, many tests are done for the diagnosis of asthma, such as Methakolin Challenge, Nitric Oxide Test, Imaging Test, Allergy Testing, Sputum Eosinophilus Test, and a Proactive Test for Exercise and Asthma Colds.

symptoms of asthma

Muculatory cough or dry cough
Feeling like chest tightness
Difficulty breathing.
The wheezing sounds while breathing.
In the night or in the morning, situation becomes more serious.
Being in the cold air, the condition is serious.
Health and worse during exercise
Breathing heavily, due to which the fatigue is felt
There is also the possibility of getting vomiting several times in severe condition.

Treatment of asthma

Treatment of asthma is possible only if you understand it while living. Knowing the symptoms of asthma, the doctor can be found for his immediate diagnosis. Its medicines can be very effective for the treatment of asthma. Inhaled steroids (medicines administered through the nose) and other anti-inflammatory drugs to combat asthma are asthma

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