What is brain tumor? Learn Because of this, symptoms and treatments

What is brain tumor? Learn Because of this, symptoms and treatments

The brain tumor considered deadly disease is still a matter of concern. The main reason for this concern is to reduce the chances of its patients being able to survive to a large extent. This is because very few patients of brain tumors live longer life. However, there have been unprecedented developments in this regard in medical science from time to time, which has made it easier to diagnose the time of the merger and successfully treat it successfully.

symptoms of brain tumor

  • One of the most common symptoms of brain tumors is increased headache. This headache is much faster in the morning.
  • There may be jaundice and vomiting problems.
  • Feeling weakness in hands and feet
  • Difficulty balancing the body
  • Difficulty viewing or listening

What is brain tumor

Brain tumor is a collection of abnormal cells in the brain. Increased abnormal cells inside the scalp can cause problems. Brain tumor can be cancerous (malignant) or cancerous (without). When malignant tumors increase, they can increase the pressure inside your scalp, they can harm the brain and they can put life in danger. Brain tumors can occur in both adults and children.

This is how the merge address

The first physical examination is done to diagnose brain tumor under which detailed testing of the nervous system is done. Your doctor performs a test to see if your cranial nerve is correct or not. These are the nerves that arise from your brain. After physical examination, the disease is detected. CT scan, MRI, angiography or head biopsy can be done.


Brain tumor has been treated using conventional methods such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, but open brain surgery also revealed many hazards, such as internal bleeding in the brain, lack of memory or infection. Even a small error can have serious consequences and permanent problems can arise.

Surgery from Neuronigione

These days it has been possible to remove brain tumors and increase the patient’s lifespan due to modern methods of diagnosis and treatment. Neuronovigation technology makes the surgeon more capable of removing tumors in the brain. This technology is similar to GPS. It is a computer based program that records the images of MRI and CT scan on the computer system. Once the information is feared at a particular workstation, then the system works to identify the disorders of the external areas such as the nose and eyebrows in the operating room along with MRI images and in two sets of data Matches.

This technique helps surgeons to get the exact incision, which does not require hair removal completely. Neuronovigation is being used gradually on a large scale during brain and spinal cord surgery.

Diagnosis of disease at the right time

The tumors that develop directly in the brain are called primary brain tumors and which are spread in the brain from the second part of the body, they are called secondary or metastatic brain tumors. Primarily brain tumors generally affect more to the young. Like other tumors, its different effects are seen on each stage. In the case of this melanent tumor (made from cancer cells), the patient is treated with advanced chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical techniques. This can increase the patient’s life for up to three years.

In addition, there are noigne tumors, which are usually found in the elderly and treated with the appearance of the tumor size. In this treatment, surgery or ganamifeera is taken. If the patient’s brain tumor is detected early, then medicines and modern therapies such as microsurgery, image guided surgery, endoscopic surgery and radiotherapy are also tried to cure the disease.

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