What to do when your ‘blood pressure’ low

What to do when your ‘blood pressure’ low

When the flow of blood in someone’s body becomes less than normal, then it is called low blood pressure or low blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is 120/80 A slight upside down does not make any difference, but if it is less than 90, then it is called low blood pressure, low blood pressure or hypertension. Often people do not take it seriously. While lower blood pressure in low blood pressure reduces the pressure of the body in the whole organs, due to which there is obstruction in their functioning, in such cases the heart, kidney, lungs and brains partially or completely stop functioning. Can. Let’s know what is due to blood pressure, symptoms and remedies-

Why is blood pressure low?

All the reasons behind low blood pressure are responsible, which reduces the supply of blood in the heart.

1. Due to Heart Disease: Reduced blood pressure is associated with severe heart disease, heart disease weakens the heart muscles, so that the heart can not pump enough blood and keep taking our BP. Beware of Heart Patients and Anemia Hunt BP
2. Arthritic Hypertension Type: In this, patients get dizziness when standing, because their blood pressure falls below 20 points at once. It is based on the nervous system. But sometimes medicines can be from side effects or allergy.
Apart from this, due to lack of bleeding or bleeding from the internal organs of the body, due to lack of nutritious food or irregularities in the internal organs, lip or lung attack can lead to low BP due to damage of heart valves. A sudden shock, seeing a horrific scene or listening to news can also be low BP.

Symptoms of low blood pressure

Low blood pressure patients generally,
Dark in front of the eyes
Fainting for a few moments
Cold feet
There is considerable difference in blood pressure in the checkup of such patients. If the patient is lying, sitting and standing later, his blood pressure changes greatly.

What to do when you have blood pressure low

Sit immediately or lie down, bend the fists, bind, open, shake the legs.
Drink salt or salt-sugar water or tea.
Put the patient under two feet by putting two pillows.
Those people who are already consuming high BP medicines, they stop the drug.
In addition to all these, show the doctor immediately and consult him.

What is the treatment?

First of all, having low blood pressure, lying down and standing, check BP in both ways.
Immediately show up to a doctor. If there is a low blood pressure from any medication, consult the doctor or reduce the quantity of the medicine or completely.
Eat nutritious food, include different types of fruits, vegetables, cereals, low fat meats and fish in the food.
Eat a bit of food at times and reduce the use of foods that contain more carbohydrate foods such as potatoes, rice and bread.
Avoid smoking, stay active, avoid excessive sweating, do not roam in the sun and eat enough salt.
Avoid too much stress.

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