Yoga and Obesity

Yoga and Obesity

There are many options in yoga through which many kinds of diseases can be overcome. Not only this, regular yoga also keeps you fit and healthy. Yoga can also be diagnosed with obesity problems, that is, treating obesity is possible in yoga. Let’s learn about Yoga and obesity relationship.

Dug Uttnipadaasan: Laying the waist and laying hands on the floor under the jumps. Raise both legs up to 90 degrees. Thus, keep the legs up and down frequently – without resting on the ground. Do not do it with back pain.

Heart palpation: Lay hands on the waist and place hands on the thighs. Breathe the legs and lift the legs. Raise head and waist. During this time the weight of the body will remain on the hips.

Bipedal Cycling: Laying the waist – Lay both legs together and rotate like a cycling. Keep moving constantly until you are tired. Keep hands under the waist.

Bhujangasan: Laying on the belly, put both hands under the hips. Breathing forward, lift the head and chest from the front and turn backward.

Ujjayya Pranayama: It is very beneficial for thyroid patients. Sit straight down and breathe out. Now tighten throat muscles and breathe in the breath. Let the voice of friction from the throat Then exhale slowly out of the nose.

Kadalbhati: Throw the breath away from the nose, causing the stomach to come out – out. Take 5-10 minutes. Do the high BP slowly and sit on the waist padded chair.

Agnisser: Stand up and keep your hands on the jiggles by opening the legs slightly. Stop breathing out. Then pumping of the stomach i.e., drag the stomach inside, then leave it. People who have operated the slip disc, high bp or abdomen do not do it.

Upward mastectomy: Stand up and open the legs slightly. Tighten the fingers of the hands and lift it over the head. Remove the breath and bend the waist in the left side. Also on the other hand.

Repeat all these Pranayama -Assain 10-12 times. If these seats are done regularly in the morning, then weight can be reduced to 4 kg in one month.

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