Juhi Parmar ESCAPES Death On Holi; Says She Whispered To Aashka To Take Care Of Her Daughter! - Health Tips

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Juhi Parmar ESCAPES Death On Holi; Says She Whispered To Aashka To Take Care Of Her Daughter!

Kumkum actress Juhi Parmar, who is a doting mother to 6-year-old Samairaa, encountered a near-death experience on Holi. The actress shared the shocking incident in an open letter on Instagram, revealing how she narrowly escaped death on the night of Holi. In the letter, Juhi revealed that she was at a Holi party at her best friend Aashka Goradia's house and she suddenly started throwing up. Her nasal passage choked and she wasn't able to breathe. She thought she wouldn't survive and asked her bestie Aashka Goradia to take care of her daughter. Read on to know more!
Juhi Shares The Shocking Incident In An Open Letter Juhi wrote, "I was at my best friend, Aashka Goradia's house, from where I was rushed to the hospital around 10:30-11 pm at night. I couldn't breathe but surprisingly all my parameters medically were fine- the oxygen, the carbon- dioxide, the ECG, the blood pressure etc, were all in place. However, I could feel myself choking and I felt that I wouldn't be able to survive for another five minutes. I whispered to Aashka to take care of my daughter Samairra because I felt I wouldn't survive."
‘I Saw My Whole Life In Front Of Me!’ "And then... I had a surreal experience. I saw my whole life in front of me! I could feel my soul at the threshold ... and I couldn't have let that happen as I couldn't do that to my daughter!!!!" - (sic)
‘Please Let Me Live For My Daughter’ "I held on to my heart tightly and started having a conversation with God and told Him that 'I am sorry for all the times I have taken life for granted. I am sorry for all the times I have been ungrateful. I am sorry for worrying about the grief that I went through in my life rather than counting my blessings. I am sorry but please let me LIVE FOR MY DAUGHTER!" - (sic)
Aashka & Brent Were By Juhi’s Side "I was blessed in that moment to have my best friends Aashka and Brent for being there and rushing me from one hospital to another and to make sure I am ok, blessed to have my child who held on to my hand and said ‘Mamma Calm Down, You will be Okay!'" - (sic)
‘I Truly Counted My Blessings’ "My father who despite his age, stood for hours in the hospital, my sister and brother in law who left everything and rushed by my side, my mother who prayed all night for me, and Anup Bhaiya who kept sending me healings all night. I truly COUNTED MY BLESSINGS!" - (sic)
‘I Am Happy & Grateful For Everything I Have’ "Today as I write to you, I am living in the same body but the soul inside has changed! I am happy and grateful for everything I have....And with it starts a new journey, one I shall be sharing with you all soon!" - (sic)